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As its name suggests it's a sort of selection box of stuff to please my readers. There's no doubt about it, CORNUCOPIA is very popular pulling many thousands of visitors per month. Its main purpose is to give you an overview of what's happening in the various sections allowing you to keep up with major new articles and reviews. CORNUCOPIA is by nature a little haphazard, so forgive its unstructured and ever-changing look. Please remember this is a one man enterprise; articles/reviews/photos/downloads are added as and when time permits.

So, stay here a while and have a mosey around; it's a great place from which to explore biofos.

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OM Zuiko lenses on the E-P1 digital PEN.

Rather than simply concentrate on my review of the new E-P1 I decided one good way to discover the cameras strengths and weaknesses was to try out my full range of OM Zuiko lenses on the new machine. Well, I learned it's pretty good on the back of most of those Zuiko's! There are full size jpg's to download.

How to setup and customize your E-420.

I recently bought an E-420 Pancake Kit as a pocketable digi-cam. As I was setting the camera up to suit my requirements I thought the process, if recorded, would make an interesting read for anyone new to the E-Series of cameras and the E-420 in particular.

ZD300mm x 2.8 SuperTelephoto on test.

In a joint venture with Ken Rowe we have put together a short article comparing the ZD300mm SuperTelephoto lens on both the E-1 and E-3 as well as seeing if the ZD50-200 with EC14 stacks up against the ZD300mm.

Collectables' photographs.

This is something I've been considering for a while. I'll provide High Quality photo's of some of the more collectable Olympus cameras for your reference or research, to help you with your collecting goals or just for fun. I've started with the coloured XA's. More will be posted over time.

E-3 plus SWD12-60mm lens REVIEWED

After waiting six weeks for my SWD12-60mm lens I have almost completed my detailed review of the E-3.


After some six weeks ownership I've reviewed this convenient and somewhat contoversial lens.


At last I've found time to post my review of this capable little lens.

A look at the leaked E-3

Following the leaking of an internal Olympus document (which I believe to be genuine) I take a detailed look at the new E-3 body and compare it with the machine it is replacing.

OM System Data sheets

This is a new idea for the site and will take some time to put together. I will construct data sheets of the rarer OM equipment from various sources. These are not designed as a straight replacement for lost data sheets more a new take. I start with the OM 90mm Macro.

OM Zuiko's on a E-330

I've undertaken a further sequence of manual OM lens tests (16mm - 400mm) using the E-330's novel Live View Mode B (10x magnification) to see how the old manual lenses perform.

E-1 and high speed compact flash cards - any advantage?

I've updated this report to include SanDisks latest 266x Extreme IV cards; is it worth buying this generation?

SP-550UZ - on Test. My own review.

I've had the new uzzie for two weeks and have mostly enjoyed myself putting it through its paces.

Please have a look at my findings, including the bits I don't like here.

E-400 - on Test including the two new kit lenses.

I've finished my review of the new E-400 with its new generation of Zuiko Digital lightweight lenses.

Please have a long hard look at my findings here.


I take a light-hearted look at the new E-400 wearing my OM tinted spectacles. Is this truly the new wave OM that Olympus insist? Have a look at my comparison photos and reach your own conclusion.

Read my opinion (for what it's worth) here.


I've found time to devote a section of the site which will feature the work of any reader who wishes to share their experience of using OM Zuikos or non-OM lenses on their E-system cameras. There is tremendous interest in using older glass on E-system bodies and I'm sure this is the opportune moment to feature this section.

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As part of the ongoing publishing of certain articles from TOC's magazine QUEST, here is a quite detailed study of the FTL camera system undertaken by the Editor of the magazine. It includes some quotes from Mr Maitani about the heritage of the FTL that you will find interesting. Please enjoy the article here.


The Japanese lens maker SIGMA now offers an attractive range of lenses in the 4/3rds mount; one range of lenses are specifically designed for the smaller sensor and are denoted as DC, the other range have been tweaked to ensure they are of sufficient performance for use on the smaller sensor and are denoted as DG. There is now a section devoted to SIGMA lenses here.

SIGMA 30mm x 1.4 LENS ON TEST (wu v 1.03):

Do you miss the old 'standard' lens? Are you just a little tired of zooms? I've now bought and tested a lens that can be used as a standard lens on my E-system cameras. Please have a look at my review of the fast Sigma prime here.


When researching my purchase of the ZD11-22mm I wondered if it was worth the money for a measly 3mm of additional focal length over the ZD14-54 zoom. I could not find anyone who had compared the two lenses then, and I suspect by the number of questions I receive this may still be the case. To address this I've studied the performance of both lenses in the overlap and you can see what I've found here.


Interest in digital photography keeps growing. The E-System is expanding; so much so I've added a completely new section for users/potential buyers of Olympus Digital SLR's. The new section is comprehensive but not yet complete. It contains information, articles, opinion and reviews about bodies, lenses, accessories, dye sub printing etc., and also features some quite rare E-System documentation. A MUST!

E-System reviews/field tests are posted on this page and in the new E-system section.

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In line with the general spirit of CORNUCOPIA this section offers a selection of small and useful pieces of software; and reflecting my Yorkshire breeding, they're free too.

There's a new and capable EXIF viewer available that also allows you to alter stored EXIF information. It does much more than this - very useful indeed. Follow the link.

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TOC Members may advertise occassional items here, free of charge.

The occassional sale item offered on this site is normally sold within the 4 week period - some considerably faster than that. If you are entitled to advertise your items here please email me with details (no commission is charged).

Whilst sales from this site are limited to members and should be 'occassional' they are extremely successful. If you have a 'special' Olympus item you'd prefer to go to another Olympus fan/user and don't wish to get involved with eBay, contact me here.

C5050 INFORMATION as at MARCH 2007:

I've posted a personal log of my C5050's repairing experience with Jessops and Olympus UK. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read about the continuing saga.

Read it here


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